A letter to me

It’s interesting how something becomes a tradition… how many times do we need to repeat something for it to become one?

There’s no better time of year for them. They are everywhere. For our family the one tradition I love is reading ’Twas the Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve (my mum started this one and I’ve carried it on with my children).

But a new one has also emerged. It started around 5 years ago with a very dear friend.  Every year we write a letter to ourselves… now bear with me on this one.

We decided, after a few glasses of prosecco, that it would be good to have a plan for the year — a real focus of what we were hoping to achieve and what our goals were — both personally and professionally. So it began, we wrote a joint letter to ourselves. We reflected on the year gone by and looked towards the year ahead. We also chose one word that was going to sum up the year for us.  The letter was then sealed and opened the following year.

And it’s just carried on from there. I know it may sound odd but we love it and it really focuses the mind. What’s also lovely is when you read the previous year’s letter and realise how much has been achieved.

So this year our goals have been set and our words chosen. The word I have chosen is ‘cherish’. I love the various ways this word can be interpreted and applied to all the different aspects of my life  — my family, my friends and my photography.

  • To hold dear, treat with tenderness and affection; to make much of
  • To foster, tend, cultivate
  • To entertain kindly
  • To cheer, gladden, inspirit, encourage

(Oxford English Dictionary)

If you fancy joining us… why not choose a word for your year and share it below if you like.

Happy New Year by the way!

Nell x

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